Saturday, March 21, 2009


When the first hints of uncomfortable heat came every Spring, we began to think of vacation.

Vacations had been an important part of every Summer. We'd always headed North to get out of the heat...

The Spring of 1977, our first one the farm, was no different. 

But then we looked at each other. 

There was no money.
Gas prices were at an all-time high.
There was no time.
There was no one who could take care of the goats and the garden.

There would be no vacation. Not as long as we ran a farm.

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Tessie258 said...

This is a big problem for us too and we only have dogs,horse and chickens and fish.
In the past we have paid a neighbor I usually have one teen or grown child who can't go because of their job or school schedule so someone always gets left behind.