Friday, March 20, 2009

The Oatmeal Wars

Oatmeal is a great wholesome inexpensive food, and we had it often. We also had other hot cereals, but mostly oatmeal.

We all liked oatmeal, and I liked the idea that it would last till lunch  in small tummies.

As I sat up in my bed each morning with morning sickness, and supervised the getting-ready-for school of various of the three children, John supervised the milking and other outdoor chores and made the oatmeal for breakfast.

John grew up in New Jersey where there was an abundance of fruit, and loved to add fresh berries from our blackberry bushes, where they could be found in abundance in the late summer. His morning routine included covering his oatmeal with them before he flooded his bowl with goat milk from the fridge.

But in the Spring there were no berries. Instead, he dug into our supply of dried apricots to add flavor to his oatmeal.

And to get them soft, he cooked them right in the pot with the oatmeal flakes and water. 

The three grade-schoolers did not like their oatmeal with soft dried apricots in it!

So they didn't eat it.

Each morning I'd come down after John and the offspring had left in their different directions, and I would find one empty bowl and three bowls filled with fruity oatmeal.

They weren't eating any breakfast at all.

So various ones of us suggested to Dear Old Dad that he not put the apricots in.

And he said, "But it's better that way!" And kept putting them in.

And each morning the children said they wouldn't eat it because of the apricots.

And that was a war that lasted for a very very long time. Until berry season. Each year.


Martie said...

I hate oatmeal with apricots.

I hate oatmeal with apricots.

I hate oatmeal with apricots.

I would rather STARVE than eat oatmeal with apricots.

By the way, I HATE dried apricots.

AND I hated oatmeal UNTIL THIS YEAR.

The Trauma. Ugh. I've been scarred for life by my own father.

Tessie258 said...

Oh John!! You mean old dad!!! How could you torture those children so!

I am allergic to oatmeal as is my mother so I have rarely had the chance to eat it..whenever I ate it as a child I would be sick and miserable...I do love the taste of oatmeal cookies and wish I could eat one..but nope...the pain isn't worth it. I found out the hard way that those store bought cookies shaped like windmills are made with oats...bleh!